Personal Administration

  • Multi-companies and multi-locations data recording
  • Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.
  • Records of positions description and qualification
  • Records of employee personal information
  • Graphical display of organization structure position structure and employees
  • Employee Management: promotion, demotion, transfer, termination, warning letter, etc


  • Separate user access arrangement in payroll module to ensure higher data security
  • Process bonus registration and THR separately in addition to processing of salary increment based on result of Performance Assessment
  • Generates data in the format set by certain bank (eg. BCA, Mandiri, BNI, etc) for electronic payment transfer
  • Audit trail for tracking of insertion, editing, and deleting of data to employee’s salary details and components
  • Integration with other module for overall payment to employees (Time Attendance, Medical Expense Administration, Travel Expense Administration, Leave Administration)
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Time & Attendance

  • Records attendance and register overtime individually or by work group
  • Support approval and verification for clocking, overtime, work off, day changes, switch with other, switch working date arrangement
  • Temporary schedule registration to support work schedule that is not suitable with normal work schedule
  • Employee Attendance Summary report, Absence Report, Employee Clocking Matrix, Non Clocking Employee
  • Integration with Payroll Administration module, Leave Administration module and Travel Administration module


  • Adjustment of leave regulation based on company policy
  • Records of each employee’s leave entitlement types and available number of leave
  • Link with Payroll Module to allow balance of leave be transferred to exchange for cash
  • Mass leave can be organized based on organization structure
  • Can easily customize and add any type of leave that your company offers

Travel Expense

  • Types of travelling expenses, allowances, reimbursement and mileage claims can be defined according to employee level and position
  • Records travelling expenses application and reimbursement with detailed information such as destination, currency exchange transaction, amount of cash advance given, cash return and other incurred expenses
  • Reimbursement and claims data can be transffered to Payroll Administration Module
  • Integrated with Time Attendance Module fo accurate recording of working time
  • Multiple-approval for travelling expenses application to ensure eligibility of travel

Medical Benefit

  • User - defined medical benefit types for employees and dependants (Limit of benefits can be determined separately)
  • Transferable Medical Claim payment process into the Payroll Module
  • Detailed records of employee medical claim such as patient’s name, type of treatment, prescription number, amount of payment, physician’s name and other claim related information
  • Multiple - approval in the medical claim process
  • Medical Benefit Adjustment for changes of entitlement due to position / grade change, etc.


  • Recruitment plan and personnel requisition can be generated by the management using this module
  • Detailed data of applicant are recorded orderly to assist in the finding of suitable applicants for further processing
  • A listing of advertisement media helps when announcing of job vacancy is required in the recruitment process
  • Personnel requisition and job vacancy advertisement is neatly recorded and easily retrievable until the required positions are filled
  • Displays each applicant’s selection process status and keeps the evaluation results on hand for future reference
  • Portal Recruitment:
    1. Quick & Easy Registration for candidate: Candidate Registration, Quick Job Application, User Profile
    2. Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

Competency Management

  • Competency Gap Analysis (Employee - Position, Employee - Employee, Employee - Profile)
  • Graphical display of Competency Gap Analysis
  • Competency Finder to find employee who has the specific competency
  • Collection of competency categories, elements, grouping and weighting
  • Records of applicant competencies and competencies needed for certain position.

Perfomance Assessment

  • Determine your own format of assessment and for different group of employees to have their own distinct assessment format
  • Define and measure assessment factors such as goals (based on the position’s KPI), work function, behavior, ability and development program
  • Use Behaviorally Anchored Rating System (BARS) as guidance for assessment
  • User can define the calculation method for final assessment result
  • Integrated with Competency Management module, Training Administration module and Payroll Administration module.

Training Administration

  • Plan for training programs, prepare online training catalogue and describe training needs for each course
  • Displays training calendar and search for suitable training easily
  • Analyzes particular training needs and allows user to register employee for courses as required by their needs
  • Integrated with Competency Management module and employee development
  • Support for listing of external and internal trainer and verify their certification before assigning a trainer to a course
  • Evaluation template to evaluate training events or participant’s competency after completion of training
  • Integrated with LMS OrangT

Employee Development

  • Store employee’s Performance Assessment or self assessment data of strength, weakness, and area of interest
  • Using the stored information, managers and employee development section can counsel employees to determine suitable career path and confirm the career development plan
  • Identify positions, especially key positions, in order to timely prepare candidates to fill the vacancies
  • Display diagram/chart to show the candidates for replacement of key positions in the organization to ensure proper succession
  • Job rotation and special assignments program to further develop employees’ capabilities
  • Analyze employee data on various variables: attendance, demographics, turnover, cost budget, training, etc
  • Simply graphical data visualization makes it easy to understand

HR Analysis

  • Analyze employee data on various variables: attendance, demographics, turnover, cost budget, training, etc
  • Simply graphical data visualization makes it easy to understand

Employee Self Service

  • Self service administration with Employee Self-service Web & Mobile Apps (Android & Ios)
  • Submit leave, attendance, work-off permission, change scedhule, benefit claim, spt 1721-A1, approval, pay slip, overtime and other features anytime anywhere.
  • Support Attendance Clock-in with Geo Tagging
  • Latest News & Articles from Company



Can be customized according to company needs

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